Brent Gantenbein

Make woodworking projects easier with Kreg's new Clamping Solutions line, which features an improved Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology. Automaxx lets users clamp any piece without ever adjusting the clamp itself: Simply squeeze the handles and Automaxx does the rest, holding securely while maintaining the desired clamping pressure. A thumbscrew gives control over that pressure-- set the pressure once and let Auto-Adjust Technology maintain it. Ideal for project assembly, workpiece holding, benchtop clamping, and more, Kreg Clamps and Clamp Systems include the wood project and bench clamps, a bench clamp system and clamp table (shown), auto-adjust bar clamps, and a clamp vise. The Clamp Table is priced at $249 on its own, or $400 with a steel stand. Pricing for clamps starts at $30.