New eTape16 tape measures offer a variety of digital features that users will appreciate. The device uses a traditional blade available with standard or metric markings (or both), in addition to a digital readout that's accurate to 1/16 inch (1mm). A push of the button allows the user to read the measurement easily in inches, feet, fractions, and decimals, and also converts to metric. Another touch of the button offers the outside measurement of the blade length, or toggles to the inside measurement, which automatically adds the 3-inch case width to the readout. Other features include a built-in memory, which retains a measurement after the blade has been withdrawn into the case, as well as two long-term memories that will hold readings even after the tape shuts off, until they're overwritten. For specialized functions, eTape16 lets users calculate the center point of a measurement, or measure the distance from a previously measured point without withdrawing the blade.  Available online and in stores for $30.