Some of the best inventions come directly from the job site. This one comes from woodworker Brooks Lawrence who needed a way to get on an off jobs quickly, and work efficiently with power tools in occupied homes and businesses. One weak link in his system was a good way to keep power tools connected to an extension code. Too often the plugs would disconnect, or if knotted to stay together, created a bulky connection that would on corners and risk marring finishes on doorways, furniture and building corners. His solution is as set of "cord stop," which fasten to the power tool and the extension cord, and a cylindrical boding that clamps onto the stops, keeping the connection between the stops tightly together. The video curated on Tools of the Trade describes the system in detail. It is a system - it only makes sense if you set up all your power tools and extension cords. But that won't break the bank and once set up might save a lot of time and hassle on site.

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