Available at a starting price of just $599, Bosch's new Ascenta dishwashers combine affordability with the maker's goals of quiet performance and good design. New Ascenta models operate as quiet as 46 dBA, which is 4 dBA lower than previous models, and quieter than most household conversation levels. With that in mind, the unit features an InfoLight that projects a red light onto the floor during the wash cycle so homeowners can tell when the unit is running. Flexibility inside the dishwasher comes from the RackMatic adjustable top rack with multiple levels to accommodate tall glasses or large pots and pans. Additional flip tines fold down to make space for hard-to-wash items, while a new knife rack makes cleaning sharp tools a safer proposition. Updated cycle options include Speeed60 that cleans and dries in 60 minutes. An Extra Dry option increases the final rinse temperature and activates a longer drying phase. Choose from black, white, or stainless steel. bosch-home.com