Bill Phillips

As a residential remodeling contractor, I’m always on the go. My tools need to keep pace by being portable, accurate, and easy to use. The Makita 7 1/2-inch sliding compound-?miter saw (model LS0714) has been an asset to my work in all of these regards. I’ve been using the saw for cutting everything from light framing to interior trim since Makita introduced it in 2005, and it’s still on the market.

The LS0714 weighs only about 29 pounds, or about half as much as a comparable 10-inch or 12-inch slider. It’s never an issue to drag it out for a couple of cuts, and when trimming interiors it’s normally more productive to move this compact saw from room to room than to set up a fixed high-capacity miter-saw station and walk back and forth for...

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