In the video below, builder Matt Risinger shares some cool tools that were unveiled at the IBS 2016 in January.

If you regularly install hurricane ties you’ll be particularly interested in the first product from Fastenmaster: the Fastenmaster Fastframe Lag Screw Gun. This tool works similarly to autofeed screw guns except it’s used specifically for screwing Fastenmaster’s lag screws through the top plates and into rafters or trusses, replacing hurricane ties altogether (and the hassle of installing them). At this time there doesn’t appear to be any

The second product that Matt shows is a backpack compressor from Rise Robotics. This so-called Bacon (not a hot dog) air compressor is lightweight enough to wear on your back, powerful enough to run a framing nailer, and efficient enough to run off of battery power.

Check out the video for a look at a couple other products Matt found at the show, including a new 4x4 Sprinter Van. We will keep you updated on these releases as they become available.