Effective business management is all about getting the right information into the right hands at the right time. Technology has always held the promise of making those connections possible, but only if you were willing to battle the high cost and long learning curve. Well, all of that is finally changing for the better. Computing isn’t going away, but personal computers are being replaced by a wide variety of devices. If you wanted to, today you could literally operate your entire business from a smartphone that fits in your shirt pocket. And that system could work equally well on a mix of PCs, Macs, and tablets, accessing all of your company and project data in real time via the “cloud” (a.k.a. the Internet). (The CloudMagic app is a handy way to easily access all your data scattered across various services from multiple devices.)

Over the coming months we’ll look at not only what technology is out there, but specifically how you can use technology to add value for your customer and to deliver your projects on time, on budget, and defect-free. In the meantime, let’s start with these recommendations:

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