The Tile Buddy square toilet flange support system gives installers the advantage in new toilet installations and in renovation work. The 1/4-inch-thick polyproylene shim slips over the toilet waste pipe and provides support for the flange bolts. Multiple Tile Buddys can be stacked to equal the depth of surrounding flooring, allowing the flange to sit on top of the Tile Buddy at a height even with the floor. The square design also improves ease of installation for surrounding backerboard, tile, or other flooring surface by eliminating the need to cut or nip around a rounded flange. For renovations, the Tile Buddy features pre-scored lines that allow installers to snap the shim in half and slide each half under the existing flange to bring it level with the new flooring. Available at some Lowe’s stores or online, one Tile Buddy retails for $7.59.