Roe Osborn

When it comes to table-saw safety, there is no substitute for a good riving knife or blade guard—period. But the unfortunate truth is that jobsite table saws with this equipment are rare birds. A close second in table-saw safety equipment is a good push stick. (And no, a chunk of 1x3 with a V-cut in the end does not qualify). Here’s how to make a push stick in less time than it will take you to read this article.

You’re on the jobsite and just broke out your portable table saw to make a couple of rips when you realize that you left your push stick back at the shop. The temptation is to make the rips bare-handed—after all, by the time you set up to make a push stick, you’d be done, right? You might reconsider, though, if you knew you could make a push...

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