Tools of the Trade has picked up on a recent lawsuit - one in a string of several - that pits a table-saw user against a table-saw maker. The guy cut off three of his fingers and sued the company that made his table saw. He claims the tool had a "design defect" because it did not include a flesh-sensing mechanism, like the technology SawStop has designed, that would stop the blade in milliseconds. (Bosch Power Tools also debuted a related mechanism based on airbag technology from Bosch Automotive. SawStop is suing Bosch for patent infringement - a twist that is purportedly holding up the release of the Bosch Reaxx.) 

After much wrangling, the case made its way to the Florida Supreme Court, which upheld a jury's decision that the saw was flawed. Now the big question: Will all table saws be required to have such a mechanism? Tools of the Trade gets the answer right: Probably not (or at least not yet), but every saw maker that doesn't provide one is now at risk of getting sued.

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