In the November issue of JLC's Toolbox, Luis Peralta, a building manager in Brooklyn, N.Y., reported that the Diablo Steel Demon recip saw blades proved just the ticket for a job he had cutting out a basement full of old pipes. In two days' worth of cutting out cast iron and steel hangers, his crew only used two blades (in two saws). His conclusion: "The blades cut slower than bimetal ones, but they never snagged or rattled the saw. For this overhead work, that was a life-saver." 

Slower cutting is the part that seems to have recently changed. While it's reasonable to think a wider, carbide tooth might cut slower (and why the Diablo blades don't bind in the cut as easily as a thin, bimetal blade in heavy metals), Diablo has redesigned the tooth configuration. The result, according to Tools of the Trade contributing editor Michael Springer, is a recip saw blade that evidently kicks butt against bimetal when cutting cast iron. A video Michael took of a demonstration at the most recent STAFDA show is posted on Tools of the Trade.

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