I'm a small custom home builder and remodeler in northern Vermont. I install enough strip flooring every year that I found it necessary to buy a Bostitch flooring stapler seven years ago. The tool has always been dependable, so I wasn't really in the market for a flooring nailer, but when JLC asked me to test five pneumatic flooring nailers on a recent job, I thought it would be interesting to compare. My helper, Kyle Darling, and I laid around 2,200 square feet of 3/4-inch oak and ash flooring using the five guns and kept notes on how the guns performed.

We looked for the same features in these nailers that you would look for in any pneumatic nailer: power, ease of use, ease of loading, weight, and balance. Because flooring nailers are specialized, we also looked for features that might make one gun more useful than another, when nailing close to a wall, for instance.

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