New fasteners fit the bill for use in ACQ-treated lumber

A new line of stainless-steel electrical staples by Gardner Bender offers essential corrosion resistance in treated lumber for outdoor applications around decks, piers, and where UF cable is installed. Both an all-stainless staple and a plastic hold-down that combines two stainless-steel nails with a UV-resistant plastic saddle are available. In addition to being made of stainless steel, the legs on these new wiring hold-downs are longer than conventional electrical staples, providing added holding strength. These staples join five other lines of electrical staples from Gardner Bender: plastic, metal, coaxial, low-voltage, and multi-cable. For more information, contact Gardner Bender, 800-822-9220;

Insulating Fire-Block

Foam sealant gains approval

Touch 'n Seal Gun Foam II, a gun-applied, one-component polyurethane foam sealant, can eliminate heat-robbing air leaks and meet multifamily and condo fire-code requirements. According to the manufacturer, the foam sealant meets the requirements as a residential Type V fire block, but the company had not applied for testing and certification to meet the ASTM E-814 and UL-1715 standards referenced by the ICC. Now that the sealant has been tested and certified, the company added the bright orange color, which provides building inspectors with instant recognition of an approved fire block. For more information, contact Convenience Products, 800-325-6180;

Site Shop Setup

Job-site table saw offers extended ripping capacity

Hitachi Power Tools recently introduced a new 10-inch job-site table saw, which comes with a convenient folding stand and a powerful 15-amp, 4,000-rpm motor.

The big innovation with this new model C10RB is its oversize aluminum table and the telescoping extension that extends the ripping capacity to the right of the blade to 241/2 inches, making it suitable for handling full sheets of plywood. This brings the new Hitachi in-line with the DeWalt 744S but for about $80 cheaper (by today's prices at Like the DeWalt, the new Hitachi features a self-aligning quick-lock rip fence and a 21/2-inch dust-collection port. For more information, contact Hitachi Power Tools, 800-829-4752;

Rx for Flooding

For fast drying, a powerful fan and a flexible blower hose

The fastest way to dry a flooded structure is to open the wall cavities and blow large volumes of air through the building with something like the Air Hog Utility Blower from Standard Equipment Co. and the Sto-Sack blower hose from the Flexaust Co. The compact, industrial-grade Air Hog blowers come with 8- or 12-inch-diameter fans capable of moving 1,225 to 2,450 cfm of air, respectively. The Flexaust Sto-Sack hose, available in 6- to 24-inch (inside diameter) sizes and standard 15- and 25-foot lengths, is a flexible, single-ply PVC laminated polyester fabric supported by helical steel wire that compresses at a 10:1 ratio to fit into a self-contained storage sack. For more information, contact Standard Equipment Co., 800-239-3442;, and the Flexaust Co., 800-343-0428;

Premium Sliders

Lift-slide window walls

Only a handful of window and door shops fulfill the demand for architecturally designed operable window walls. In the high-end world of coastal homes, the lift-slide door seems to be all the rage these days. The Steel-View line by Fenevations allows for doors of tremendous sizes that can be opened and closed with the touch of a finger. One single operating handle activates the hardware system that first lifts the sliding door from its hunkered-down, weathertight position, then slides with ease on rollers and tracks at the head and sill. A number of sliding doors in a row can telescope into a pocket, allowing entire walls to open, leaving an uninterrupted span. For more information, contact Fenevations, 908-686-4747;

Soundproofing Solution

Layered drywall for high STC-rated walls

A new multilayered engineered drywall composed of gypsum, ceramics, and "viscoelastic" polymers reportedly weighs about the same and can be cut just like standard drywall but can provide enhanced sound isolation at a lower installed cost than most other soundproofing methods. According to the manufacturer, one layer of QuietRock on one side of a 2x4 wall assembly offers a sound transmission coefficient of 51, compared with 31 for standard 5/8-inch drywall. Like regular drywall, QuietRock 525 comes in 4x8, 4x9, 4x10, and 4x12 sheets, and carries a one-hour fire rating, making it equivalent to a Type-X drywall. For more information, contact Quiet Solution, 800-797-8159;

Rust-Resistant Post Mount

Universal post-mounting system simplifies deck railing installation

The UltiMount Coastal is a heavy-gauge steel post-mounting system that adjusts for use with most brands of vinyl and composite railing posts. A 42-inch-tall model is made from square 10-gauge steel stock; the 36-inch-tall model is made from square 13-gauge steel stock. Each post comes as a complete kit that includes post-

sizing stabilizers, a bottom stabilizer plate, and all necessary hardware for anchoring and leveling. Metal parts are hot-dipped galvanized coated with a self-healing coating for added protection. For more information, contact American Way Manufacturing, 877-668-7678; .

Strong, Light, and Clear

Lexan shutters give simple, economical opening protection

The IRC allows only two types of opening protection from wind-borne debris: impact-resistant window and door units, or storm panels and shutters. Of the two types, panels and shutters are typically a little bit cheaper but may be difficult for the average homeowner to install prior to a storm. Enter GE Lexan Clear Storm Panels. Unlike metal or plywood shutter panels, these clear panels can be left in place for the entire hurricane season. They won't rust or corrode, and they retain their shape after impact. Lexan panels can installed either by directly mounting the panel over openings or by affixing the panel to tracks. For more information, contact GE Plastics, 413-448-7110; .