Stronger Than Steel

Marvin Windows and Doors has upgraded its Integrity windows with a new product line called Impact, rated to handle pressures from winds up to 140 mph and tested to withstand a strike from an 8-foot 2x4 traveling at 50 feet per second. According to Marvin, Impact's pultruded-fiberglass frame and flange are not only UV-resistant and noncorroding; they're also twice as strong as steel and eight times stronger than vinyl. For more information, contact Integrity, 888/537-8263,

Tough Windows

With storm season upon us, Jeld-Wen offers wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows equipped with ImpactGard protection to stand up to a 34-mph strike by a 9-pound 2x4. In addition to offering wind resistance, the company says the tough window glazing provides better home security and reduced sound transmission. For more information, contact Jeld-Wen, 800/877-9482,

Privacy Casements

For both privacy and fresh air, Hy-Lite offers Operable Acrylic Block Windows in a casement style that homeowners can easily open from inside the house. For more information, contact Hy-Lite, 800/423-3032, (Note: These units do not offer the impact rating earned by the company's fixed windows.)

Treated Engineered Posts and Beams

For strong outdoor structures that can stand up to weather or decay organisms, iLevel introduces Wolmanized Parallam PSL, parallel-strand lumber treated with copper-based preservative. Warranted to resist termites, rot, and recurring groundwater contact through the whole depth of each member, the material is available in dimensions suited for use as beams, posts, columns, and headers. For more information, contact iLevel, 888/453-8858,

Wood-Look Vinyl Windows

Simonton Windows is looking for attention from builders who usually choose wood with its new Brickmould line of vinyl-clad windows. Multiple interior trim styles are available with wood-grain laminates and simulated divided lights. All windows in the product line are Energy Star labeled, with 7/8-inch low-e argon-filled dual glazing. For more information, contact Simonton, 800/746-6686,

Wine Storage Solution

For some clients, a Styrofoam party cooler just won't cut it. That's why there's the Freestanding Absorption Wine Cellar (Model E24WC160ES) from Electrolux. It enables your discriminating customers to keep their fine wine in good condition even though beach houses don't usually have cellars. The unit's chemical-based refrigeration system uses no compressor, to ensure that the wine doesn't suffer from motor vibration. For more information, contact Electrolux, 877/435-3287,

Permeable Brick Pavers

Permeable (or "pervious") paving surfaces are the latest word in environmentally friendly landscaping — they let rainwater soak into the earth naturally, rather than running off of the property and draining into local waters. Subterra, the newest line of brick pavers from Belgard, offers permeability in a soft, subtle earth-tone color palette. Set the pavers in a sand base, and let it rain (while you earn your LEED credits). For more information, contact Belgard, 877/235-4273,

Vapor-Tolerant Insulation Batts

Keeping insulated walls dry, year in and year out, is a building performance challenge. CertainTeed approaches the problem by coupling its fiberglass batt insulation with a "smart" vapor barrier that changes its vapor permeability from season to season in response to ambient humidity conditions. CertainTeed's DryRight insulation, with MemBrain vapor retarder, is now available in popular commercial as well as residential sizes. For more information, contact CertainTeed,

Strong and Durable Railings

Kiss paint goodbye. With a wood composite core and a weather-resistant PVC skin, Azek's new Premier and Trademark railing products offer a maintenance-free railing package with a consistent look to match Azek's other decking, porch floor, and exterior trim components. For more information, contact Azek Building Products, 877/275-2935,