Not that many years ago, wiring a house for technology meant installing a couple of phone jacks and maybe a roof-mounted antenna, but now you have to install Cat-5 cable, coaxial cable, security system cable, and phone cable. And who knows what's next? Fortunately, you can prepare your customer's home for future low-voltage upgrades with WireTracks. The 1/2-inch plastic raceway installs behind the baseboard in a channel that's cut into the drywall. The raceway's cover is fastened to the back of the baseboard. When it's snapped back on the raceway, it not only secures the baseboard, it also allows wiring upgrades and easy relocation of electronics. WireTracks are sold in 8- and 5-foot sections, for $20 and $14, respectively.

WireTracks, 206/365-3737,

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