Frederick McCarthy

Bare-handers beware: According to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, hand injuries are, unsurprisingly, more common among workers who don't wear gloves. The study shows that workers who experienced hand injuries wore gloves only 27% of their work time, and only 19% were wearing gloves when they were injured. The report concluded that wearing gloves could reduce the relative risk of hand injury by about 60%. That statistic may be too little, too late for the sufferers of 140,000 hand injuries recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, but makes for an important reminder for the rest of the construction workforce.

StoneBreaker's Trade line of work gloves includes several options to keep workers hands safe and comfortable on the job. The MasterSmith style features multiple areas of reinforced padding and added leather patches. A breathable, two-way-stretch back panel provides a "snap back" effect when the wearer puts the glove on, ultimately helping the...

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