After five years as editor of Tools of the Trade, David Frane is moving in to an "at large" status. Wih luck, he'll be back here as a writer to enlighten us again with his insight and analysis of all things tool. Until such time, he will certainly be missed. 

David writes:  "Working for ToTT has been a dream job that allowed me to visit tool factories and development labs, talk tools with industry experts, and try out more tools than I ever thought possible. I want to thank you, the readers, for helping to make this a reality, because without your keen interest in tools there would never have been a job in publishing for someone like me—a former carpenter with a tenuous grasp of punctuation and grammar."

Tenuous as it may have been for him, for us it always read true, as we can read here:  In his bid farewell, David shares some of his favorite tool stories.

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