Working as a carpenter, my medium is generally wood, but like many builders, I often find myself cutting things like threaded rod, metal roofing, steel studs, and rebar. While I typically use a reciprocating saw or a circular saw with an abrasive blade for such materials, the resulting cuts are slow and usually a bit ragged. In search of a better method, I recently tested DeWalt's DW934 Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw (DeWalt, 800/433-9258, on a collection of steel tubing, angle iron, rebar, and sheet metal.

The DW934 metal-cutting saw looks a lot like an ordinary cordless saw, except for a larger all-metal guard. The substantial guard prevents metal slivers from becoming airborne and prevents hang-ups on thin material. Unfortunately, it also hampers visibility, and two little windows meant to make the cut line easier to see don’t help enough.

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