Touring a cluster of Nissan NV Cargo vans at a recent trade show reminded me that a variety of inviting models are now available for builders and remodelers. Nissan’s high-roof NV2500 HD, for example, measures 6 feet 3 inches from floor to ceiling, so most of us could walk inside without crouching. It can haul 4x8 sheet goods, two standard pallets, or 10-foot pipes, and the rear opening is wide enough to load with a forklift. Six D-rings in the floor make it easy to secure the load. There are also plenty of attachment points for shelves, racks, and bins; three cargo-area overhead work lights; and two optional 120-volt power outlets for charging power tools. The cabin is a mobile office, with a lockable center console that provides an extendable work surface and can store a laptop. There’s even a side drawer beneath the driver’s seat. Then again, the rig is 8 feet 9 inches tall, which means it could squeeze through my local McDonald’s drive-thru but wouldn’t fit into the average parking garage.

The NV2500 HD is just one of many makes and models mentioned in the recent “Van Buying Advice” and “Thinking About Getting a Van” threads in the Tools & Equipment Forum at Feel free to chime in. — Bruce Greenlaw

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