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    Product: Danze Eastham Collection

    A widespread or centerset-set faucet that carries the EPA's WaterSense label.

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    Product: SheerWeave Performance +

    An interior window shade fabric designed to reflect solar heat and reduce glare.

  • Interior Paint

    Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd flows on and levels out like a traditional alkyd but has low VOC content (less than 50 grams/liter) and cleans up with soap and water.

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    Two New Finishing Solutions: Trim-Tex Offers New Corner Bead and Caulk Channel Tear Away

    These drywall finishing accessories promise smooth finishes and crisp transitions.

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    Great Vintage: BR-111 Zinfandel Tigerwood Engineered Wood Flooring

    A rich finish complements the attractive Tigerwood graining of this engineered wood flooring option..

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    Lodge Look: Ozark Natural Paneling

    Nevermind the old plasticky paneling of decades past. Ozark Natural Paneling adds warmth with natural solid wood boards.

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    Tough Talk: Foam Factory Polystyrene Foam Moldings and Millwork

    Moldings, columns, and trim products constructed from strong 1.5-pound foam feature a tough finish for long-lasting style.

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    Stone Cold Style: Armstrong Alterna Reserve Luxury Vinyl Tile

    A range of pattern variations and advanced imaging offer a true stone look in vinyl flooring.

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    A Step in the Right Direction: StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System

    A new product for staircase refinishing from StairCasing is both quicker and more economical than traditional refinishing methods.

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    Gentle Style: Kichler Arminda Collection

    Graceful lines create a delicate aesthetic for this lighting collection.

  • Stainless Steel Railings

    Lavi Industries recently introduced a complete line of stainless steel tubing, brackets, and fittings that can be used to assemble — without welding — almost any type of interior or exterior handrail.

  • Modular Stairs

    Instead of a one-piece stringer, an Ascendings modular staircase has individual CNC-machined aluminum "risers."

  • Idiot-Proof Railings

    The Stair Simple Axxys Railing System uses unique pivoting connectors to join the stair rail to the newel post and the balusters to the rail, eliminating any need for complex miter cuts.

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    Boyd Lighting Bento Sconce

    Luminaire sconce modeled after a box to hold sake.

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    Bornholm Kitchen Cabinet and Furniture line

    Cabinet and furniture line with a Scandinavian sensibility.

  • Sub-Zero 700BR Refrigerator Drawer - Blends Into Cabinetry

    The Sub-Zero 700BR Refrigerator Drawer is designed to fit discreetly under a counter and blend into the surrounding cabinetry.

  • Wall-Mounted Sliding-Door Hardware

    Johnson wall-mounted sliding-door hardware can provide the convenience of a pocket door while keeping installation simple.

  • DishDrawer Tall Dishwasher

    The DishDrawer Tall has extra headroom and a fully adjustable racking system that allows it to accommodate such items as long-stemmed wine glasses and 13-inch plates.

  • Safecoat Naturals Nontoxic Paints

    Safecoat Naturals nontoxic paints are finishes made from - in the maker's words - only "natural earth-based plant and mineral components."

  • Emergency Escape

    Unlike ordinary flexible fire escapes, the PEARL (Permanent Escape and Rescue Ladder) is guaranteed to be there when it's needed: the recessed steel cabinet that houses the ladder fits between 16-inch on-center 2x4 walls.

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