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  • Superior Staircase Protection

    Placing a drop cloth on stairs requires constant vigilance. With the Flex & Form Conformable Staircase Runner, you can lay down some protection and then forget about it.

  • Viru-Pure Water Filter

    Everpure claims that its Viru-Pure water filter is the first one in the world that can remove viruses, as well as bacteria, cysts, and chemical contaminants.

  • E-Treat Water Conditioning System Water Softener

    Instead of salt, the E-Treat Water Conditioning System uses “anti-scale media” to convert calcium ions to tiny crystals that can’t attach to surfaces and become scale deposits.

  • Bending Landing Tread - For Curved Stair Landings

    With L.J. Smith’s Bending Landing Tread you can make a template and fabricate the pieces on site.

  • Endurance Series Graspable Handrail

    The new Endurance series graspable handrail from Railing Dynamics mounts to many types of railing assemblies and is IBC-, IRC-, and ADA-compliant in spans up to 6 feet.

  • Flipside Hand Shower

    Kohler’s Flipside hand shower offers four distinct spray patterns that are selected by simply pivoting the head into position; each spray uses a separate nozzle.

  • Extension Handles For Hinged Glass Doors

    It can be tricky to fit window treatments on hinged glass doors because stock door handles may not provide enough clearance space, but RAK’s handle extensions are sized for cellular shades, blinds, and shutters.

  • Solid Hardwood Stair Tread Caps

    Retro Treads are solid hardwood stair tread caps designed to cover existing treads that were originally carpeted.

  • Cold-Bend Hardwood Boards - No Steaming Required

    You can bend Cold-Bend hardwood boards without steaming, says the maker, because they were already steamed during manufacturing, then compressed in length, a process that “accordions” the long grain fibers and makes them flexible.

  • Touch-Sensitive Faucet

    Delta’s Pilar Waterfall faucet turns on or off with a touch anywhere on its handle or spout.

  • Performance LED Lamps - Require 10 Percent of the Energy

    Feit Electric’s Performance LED lamps come in many sizes and require only 10 percent of the energy needed by comparable incandescents, says the maker.

  • This 2'-by-2' recessed Careena LED fixture from Zumtobel features MPO technology, which uses white and red LEDs to achieve medium color temperature (3,600 K) with maximum efficiency. With controlled light distribution at higher angles to light vertical surfaces throughout a space, Careenas soft-edged light distribution and glare control are well-suited to office applications. Its housing is made of clear anodized aluminum extrusion with a silver finish. It delivers 3,000 lumens, has integral dimming, and is compatible with DALI. The fixture features a multilayered, seamless, micropyramidal structure optic, is UL-listed for damp locations, and weighs 20 pounds. Its driver uses universal 120V/277V.

    Zumtobel Careena

    A recessed fixture which uses red and white LEDs to achiece a medium color temperature.

  • Wilsonart Contract Floorings eight new designs for its commercial-grade high-pressure laminate flooring are grouped into two trends: urban renewal and global influence. The four Urban Renewal designs (metro oak, chic teak, uptown walnut, and studio walnut) complement metal and glass with gray. Going Global mimics exotic wood: Paradise Bamboo complements the companys Bamboo-Natural flooring, while Bubinga resembles wood from a tree in swampy areas of Africa. Both flooring groups are suited for healthcare, education, and other commercial applications.

    Wilsonart Contract Flooring Urban Renewal and Global Influence

    Eight new designs for commercial-grade high-laminate flooring based on urban and global designs.

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    Snow-melting stair mats; modulating gas fireplace; efficient heat-pump water heater; permeable pavement; sump pump; more

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    Bessey TSC4.516 Staircase Clamps

    Does the mere thought of your next stair job — all that tightening and loosening by hand of dozens of large clamps — have your carpal tunnel syndrome acting up?

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    Crown Heritage EasAlign Handrail Joiner

    Joining stair handrail sections requires painstaking fitting and fastening, but the EasAlign system by Crown Heritage can make the job easier.

  • ProspectingFor stone to be extracted from the ground and fabricated for architectural use, the first step is finding deposits that will yield large, roughly cubic blocks that can be cut into smaller blocks, or, more commonly, slabs that are thin and flat. Cylindrical borers drill down as far as 5 meters for sectional samples of stone to determine precisely its properties and its potential to yield commercially viable blocks.

    Carrara Marble

    We visit a quarry that produces Carrara Marble and follow it from extraction through finishing.

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    Good Night Lights

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    Living Area Luminance

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    Festool RO 150 FEQ 6-inch Rotex sander; two ladder-levelers; remodeling; chain saws

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