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Office Technology

  • Calculated Industries Construction Master Plus EZ Prompting Calculator

    Fill in the numbers you know and let this construction math calculator do the rest.

  • Saros Single-Lever Kitchen Faucet

    This kitchen faucet’s self-cleaning technology keeps the spout free of mineral deposits thanks to resilient outlets in the faceplate.

  • What I Like: Clear Estimates Software

    Two remodelers have gained productivity and won new jobs thanks to software with built-in templates and data for 12,000 parts

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    Eletric Receptacles with USB Ports

    Current Werks' Duplex receptacles have two built-in USB ports alongside the 110v outlets

  • iQuick Estimator

    Estimate materials, labor, and more for six different construction trades including concrete, flooring, drywall, paint, roofing, and framing all from the iQuick Estimator app available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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    CST/Berger ALH Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

    The ALH Self-Leveling Rotary Laser is made specifically for exterior leveling applications such as concrete forms, earth leveling, and excavation.

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    Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. StructureScan Mini HR

    StructureScan Mini HR is a high-resolution ground penetrating radar unit that is ideal for working with complex areas or small targets.

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    Sokkia Reflectorless Total Stations CX Models

    The CX models 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 total stations have the ability to accurately measure distances up to 500 m, even on reflective surfaces.

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    Leica Geosystems Inc. ScanStation C10 System

    The all-in-one ScanStation C10 System features wireless LAN connectivity for remote scanner operation, imaging options, expanded data management, support for a wide range of languages, and new software tool for fast, convenient data transfer.

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    Ytterberg Scientific Inc. FloorPro

    Displaying three results at the end of each survey line, the FloorPro provides F-Numbers, Waviness Index, and 10-ft. straightedge equivalents.

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    Trimble Field Link 1.1

    The Trimble Field Link 1.1 for MEP and structural layout features a drag-and-point option otherwise known as a dynamic joystick.

  • Ready-to-Go Blower Door

    The Minneapolis Blower Door comes equipped with everything needed to measure airtightness or diagnose air-leakage problems, says the manufacturer.

  • Road Work: Chevy Silverado With WiFi

    Turn your truck into a mobile workstation with Chevy's Silverado with high-speed Wi-Fi.

  • Tamper-Resistant Receptacle

    Cooper Wiring Devices. The company’s tamper-resistant receptacle with USB port is a convenient and energy-saving alternative to the adapters and computers required to charge many electronic devices.

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    BG Radia IC-201 LCR Loudspeakers

    Steel and aluminum speakers designed for high-end in-ceiling applications.

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    A Carpenter's Favorite iPhone Apps

    Last year I replaced my cellphone with an Apple iPhone, a smartphone that allows me to check my e-mail and go online.

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    Coleman Cable Eco-Logical Smart Strip Surge Protector

    Phantom loads cost electric-utility customers $3 billion annually.

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    Deck treatments; brick pavers & patio stones; storm doors & windows

  • 0704pr-01


    Domestic water; home automation; manufactured fireplaces

  • 1203PR1


    Wiring raceway, remodeling shower valve cover, escape ladder, arch supports, sawhorse brackets, instant shelving