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Treasure Chest.

Designed for industrial use, Lista's Modular Drawer Storage Cabinets hold up to 440 pounds and — according to the manufacturer — offer more usable storage space than any other comparable product. Available in seven heights and 19 paint colors, the cabinets sport full-width flush pulls, adjustable dividers, and modular drawers that open one at a time to prevent tipping. The company also makes industrial-quality benches, rolling storage boxes, and overhead cabinets. The modular units range in price from about $800 to $1,500 per cabinet. Lista, 800/722-3020,

Made to Order.

No longer do homeowners who want garage storage have to make do with plywood shelving and pegboard. Several companies provide specialty garage storage products. Garage Envy's Custom Cabinets hang directly from either the studs or the company's 3/4-inch WallScape PVC slat wall. The maker hangs even the base cabinets, which keeps the bottoms off the ground for easy cleanup and less moisture damage. All Garage Envy cabinets sport 1-inch-thick shelving, stainless hardware, and Eurostyle adjustable hinges. Base units have 100-pound, full-extension drawer slides. Garage Envy, 888/249-1766,

Cold Cache.

You just can't talk about garage storage without mentioning cold-beverage storage. Gladiator, maker of the original garage storage system, offers a 14-cubic-foot fridge that maximizes any garage's usefulness. The Energy Star-rated Chillerator Garage Refrigerator features a built-in heater to keep your clients' beer from freezing in cold weather, 5-inch rubber casters, and a reversible diamond-plate door. It lists for about $1,000, but Gladiator — a Whirlpool company — offers special pricing for home builders through the Inside Advantage program. Gladiator GarageWorks, 866/342-4089,


Just Venting.

With their uninterrupted expanses of glass, most picture windows make for a great view but — since they don't open — lousy ventilation. Marvin's new Venting Picture Window is different. It projects 2 1/4 inches outward to allow ventilation through a unique hidden screen. The unit comes in made-to-order sizes from 1'4"x3'0" to 6'1"x7'0". Marvin, 888/537-7828,

Window Treatments.

Most ultra-high-end wood windows have hidden balance systems that eliminate unsightly vinyl jamb liners. These super-premium windows are too expensive for many homeowners, but Vetter has come up with an affordable alternative for its moderately priced wood window. Removable Hardwood Inserts are stainable covers that install over the unit's vinyl liners, hiding them from view. The hardwood inserts come in five wood species to match standard and custom wood interiors. The upgrade costs between $52 and $60 per window. Vetter Windows, 800/838-8372,

Wood Insert.

Installing vinyl replacement windows in a beautiful historic home should be a capital offense. But what's the alternative? Here's one: the Andersen 400 Series Woodwright Double-Hung Insert Window. Available in custom sizes (in 1/8-inch increments), the full-frame wood replacement window installs in the existing sash opening. It comes with 14-, 8-, and 0-degree sill angles and numerous other options designed to make installation easier and maintain the home's original appearance. The manufacturer's Web site lists a $488 base price for a 3'0"x4'8" unit. Andersen, 800/426-4261,



It's no secret that a house's exterior mechanical penetrations are a major source of air and water infiltration. With Quickflash Panels, you can skip the caulking, spray foaming, and duct sealing in favor of a product that's more likely to actually work. Made from high-density polyethylene, the plastic panels come in a large variety of sizes for most plumbing and electrical penetrations; they sell for $5.25 each. Quickflash, 800/963-6886,

Reversible Kickouts.

Kickout flashings prevent roof water from missing the gutter and soaking the section of wall that intersects with the roof. They're a recommended detail with stucco exteriors — but frankly they're a good idea with any cladding. Water Out's Kick-Out Flashings are reversible, so you don't need right and left versions, and — unlike site-built versions — they don't require the use of a torch or caulk gun. They're made from polypropylene and come in black, white, and a copper color. A box of 25 costs $150. Water Out Flashing, 866/568-0050,

Inset Window Help.

Properly flashing a conventional flush-mounted window is hard enough; flashing inset windows — which are increasingly popular in Western regions — is an even tougher nut to crack. After conducting numerous water-intrusion investigations, Gene Summy, owner of TLS Labs (a firm that specializes in forensic building investigations), designed his own product to solve water intrusion problems at inset window corners. Corner Flash, his brainchild, is part of a system developed and tested by Fortifiber for inset windows. One-hundred-count boxes of Corner Flash sell for between $295 and $385, depending on the application. Check the TLS Web site for installation details. TLS Labs, 800/310-7673,