Admit it — you've always wanted to build a house out of shipping containers. For remodeler and livestock rancher Guil Bombonato, the dream is coming true in Rainbow Lakes Estates, a community located between Ocala and the Gulf of Mexico in rural Florida. The Ocala Star Banner has a report (see: "Living inside the box: Builder, architect creating home out of shipping containers," by Carlos E. Medina).

Bombonato is building the home for his daughter and son-in-law, reports the Star Banner: "When Bombonato, an architect in his native Brazil, approached the couple about his idea to weld together seven 9-by-8-by-40-foot containers to make a 4,000-square-foot home on a lot in Rainbow Lakes Estates, there was little hesitation," the paper reports. The cost savings is significant, says son-in-law Nick Mahoney: "With regular construction, a house like this would have cost $400,000. This one is going up for about $120,000." Adds Bombonato's daughter, Roberta Mahoney, "We're big into recycling, and it would look really cool."

From photos on Bombonato's Facebook page, it appears that the shipping containers are arranged in a criss-cross stack, defining a large space with some walls infilled using conventional stud framing. The containers are doing some heavy structural work, but Bombonato — a qualified architect in Brazil, his country of origin — is comfortable with that. ""They ship them all over the world on the sea," Bombonato told the Star Banner. "If they can resist all the force of the seas, it's pretty safe."