A Freeport, New York couple were celebrating the latest steps in rebuilding their Sandy-damaged home on November first when disaster struck them a second time: The small frame house, elevated on temporary cinderblock supports and awaiting a new foundation, was blown off the blocks and fell to the ground. Long Island News12 has the story: ("Sandy-damaged home collapses on Sportsman Avenue in Freeport").

"The couple says they put their entire savings into rebuilding their home, and Riedman did a lot of the work himself," the station reports. "He got some money from FEMA, but it was not even close to the amount that was needed to rebuild."

"It's all gone," said devastated homeowner Billy Reidman. "I have no more money. I don't know how I'm paying my rent, I don't know how I'm paying my mortgage. I'm done. There's nothing left."