It has been 20 months since Hurricane Sandy flooded the shores of New York and New Jersey, and most of the country has moved on. But some New Yorkers are still stuck in a post-Sandy quagmire: living in ruined houses and facing a future hobbled by ruined finances.

The New York Times has a long report on the situation last week ("After the Storm, 20 Months in Limbo," by Liz Robbins). A classic example from the story: Steve and Kathy Terwilliger and their daughter Deirdre, still living in three rooms on the second floor of a flood-damaged bungalow in the New York City neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach. Their first floor is gutted. Without insurance to rebuild, the Gerritsen family was counting on the city's Build it Back program for help; but a series of bureaucratic errors has eaten up time while the family lives in the gutted home, cooking on a hot plate.

"I'd rather go through another Sandy than go through this," 47-year-old Terwilliger told the Times. "I can't go through another winter like this. I'm bare bones."