Environmental Health Watch

Editor's note: In reviving JLC's Energy column, we are pleased to offer a contribution by Dr. Allison Bailes. Don't let the "Dr." worry you. Yes, he's a Ph.D. physicist (which means he knows something about heat and moisture transfer through buildings), but Dr. Bailes is also one of the most down-to-earth practitioners of the building sciences, and his blog postings andTwitter feedsare must-reads for anyone interested in the energy performance of buildings. You can read more about these top 10 "secrets" in-depth on theEnergy Vanguard blog, and we will be exploring them more here in the future.

Overall, the state of the construction industry is improving. Many builders and remodelers are learning, either out of interest or coercion, about building science and how to apply it. But while we're headed in the right direction, plenty of builders and remodelers aren't getting the message, and plenty of houses are being built with problems...

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