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Ready Frame Reinvents the Framing Package

BMC adds precut everything—plates, headers, cripples, trimmers, and more—to... More

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Custom Modular for the Coast

Modular designers have shown they can provide upscale packages, but are the homes... More

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Rebuilding the Gulf: Cooling Strategies for the Gulf Coast

In the hot, humid South, it's not enough to install high-efficiency air... More

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Panelizing Houses

How one builder uses technology to efficiently produce distinctive custom homes... More

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Water-Managed Wall Systems

No siding is waterproof, and windows can leak. So we need a backup system, and... More

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Case Study: Flat Truss Failure

Excessive indoor moisture and heat caused the plates in these 2x4 floor trusses to spring loose and the floor to sag. More

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Moisture Problems: Five Case Studies

A veteran building consultant shows the consequences of moisture mistakes and gives a short course on moisture basics. More

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Production Roof Cutting

A production framer turned custom builder explains efficient roof layout and... More

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Pre-Fab Products for Site-Built Homes

Manufactured components aren’t limited to structural panels and trusses. Here’s a wide-ranging collection of factory-made items for interiors and exteriors. More

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Projects In Progress: Three Case Studies

You may wonder how well textbook tactics work out in the field. We spoke with a few developers of current affordable projects, and got a wide range of responses. More

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