BuildingGreen's Peter Yost, along with fast friend and fellow wingnut, David Gauthier, set up in the WTF labs to rig up a simple test that would approximate the pressure that tapes might see when half the tape is adhered to the wall and the other half to, say, a window flange.

Yost is quick to point out this is not testing under ASTM-like conditions whatsoever: "(Z)oinks! Dave Gauthier and I realized pretty quickly—even for a pair of wingnuts—that we simply don’t have the resources it would take to automate the pressure-pig bellowing test of a whole slew of tapes ..."

Nevertheless, the duo provide a convincing test for sticky flashing tapes born of reason and practical jobsite experience. This might actually count more than any code-approved, "white-coat" testing solution.

Better yet, they come up with a clear winner. Read more.

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