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Dielectric moisture meters don't gouge the wood the way pin-type meters can. But if the low-power electromagnetic field (EMF) they project is thicker than the wood you're testing, the water-content reading might be inaccurate. One solution is the new L609 dielectric meter from Wagner. It has a tight 1/2-inch-deep by 2-inch-wide EMF that can accurately read a single stick of trim, and the readings aren't affected by temperature, preservative salts, or finishes. The L609 sells for $129. Contact: Wagner Electronic Products, 326 Pine Grove Rd., Rogue River, OR 97537; 800/634-9961. Clip-On Depth-Adjusting Box Imagine how quickly you could set electrical boxes if you didn't have to worry about the thickness of the finished wall. The new Adjust A Box speeds rough-ins