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Roll-On. If peppering your plastic housewrap with staples or cap nails seems a little counterproductive, consider a liquid-applied weather barrier like StoGuard. The maker says the product — which can be sprayed or rolled on — is more vapor-permeable (at 17.3 perms) and less air-permeable than conventional housewrap and asphalt felt, and offers greater water resistance. Prices vary by region, but generally run from $1 to $1.50 per square foot installed. Sto Corp., 800/221-2397,

Missile Defense. Typar's new StormWrap passes the Miami-Dade large-missile impact test (stopping a 2x4 traveling at 34 mph), says the manufacturer. The secret? Heavy-duty reinforcing fibers that make it several times thicker than ordinary housewrap. The product appears to be a smart and relatively inexpensive upgrade for homes in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas. It costs about three times more than conventional housewrap. Fiberweb, 800/284-2780,

Two for One. Installing rain-screen siding is usually a two-step process: First the housewrap is installed, then the strapping or drainage matrix is applied over it. With Delta-Dry, Cosella-Drken simplifies the process by combining both functions — a water-resistant barrier and a drainage space — into one product. Seams are lapped and then sealed with a companion tape. Available in 39-inch-by-50-foot rolls, Delta-Dry sells for about 70 cents per square foot. Cosella-Drken, 888/433-5824,

Asphalt Roofing

Slate Look. If your clients are replacing the shingle roof on their Victorian, make sure they know there's more to choose from than just boring three-tab and busy architectural styles. GAF's Country Mansion geometric shingles look like the decorative slate popular back when Victorians were built. At 425 pounds per square, they have a 110-mph wind rating and a limited lifetime warranty. GAF, 800/766-3411,

Cool Option. With energy prices soaring, everyone's trying to save a few bucks on utility bills. One way to reduce cooling costs and have a longer-lasting roof is to opt for light-colored roof shingles. Elk is betting its Cool Color series will appeal to homeowners despite the general unpopularity of light-colored roofs. These shingles look better than most other white and light styles — and they can earn rebates toward cool-roof installation from some electric utilities. Elk, 972/851-0500,

Tight Hold. An asphalt roof with a lot of fasteners missing from its nailing strip is going to have trouble surviving a nasty storm without major damage. Thanks to their wide reinforced nailing area, Owens Corning's Duration Premium Shingles help roofs weather bad storms. The feature also makes installation faster, says the manufacturer. The shingles have a 130-mph wind rating and come in 12 colors. Owens Corning, 800/438-7465,