A recent story in JLC's sister magazine, Remodeling, reported that Angie's List posted a $2.8 million profit during the fourth quarter of 2013, but that was not good enough to make up for the previous three quarters of the year, as the online review site posted a $33 million net loss for the year (see "Pros' Payments Help Angie's List Post $2.8 Million 4Q Profit").

Despite the loss, Angie's List still remains popular with consumers and continues to be a thorn in the side of the remodeling and building industries thanks to business practices that many contractors deem questionable.

Angie's List has been such a headache that one Remodeling reader suggested that the best way to fight unfair business practices through Angie's List would be to ignore it—thus starving pay-to-play site of the funds it needs to stay alive. Do you agree? Should remodelers boycott Angie's List? Would that provide a killing blow? Or does Angie's List deserve to live because it helps customers distinguish good companies from fly-by-night operators? Read more and add to the conversation.