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Louisiana Dithers Over Flood Recovery Plan

The state wants more Federal aid, but has no firm plan for spending it. Read more

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Massachusetts Ponders Mandatory Energy Audits for Real Estate Sellers

Homes offered for sale would have to disclose an audit report. Read more

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When the Office Resists Change

Thinking like business people. It’s one of the biggest challenges for a lot of construction-business owners, especially if they have been used to thinking like carpenters for most of their careers.... Read more

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Is Florida's Solar-Energy Referendum Deceptive?

Critics say the electric power industry is camouflaging the true purpose... Read more

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Creating Coherent Company Policy

Establishing policy and supporting procedures relieves decision-makers from making inconsistent “seat-of-the-pants” decisions. Read more

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NESEA Building Energy Bottom Lines

Peer advice on personnel Read more

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Cordless 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

When the very first DeWalt 12-inch double-bevel sliding compound miter... Read more

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Circular Reasoning

One on one with Cradle-to-Cradle crusader, Bill McDonough, on why... Read more

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Building Tough

Nature's not getting any gentler ... but builders are getting smarter. Read more

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A Practical Guide to Building in Seismic Zones

Steel and framing hardware requirements demand a whole new approach to... Read more

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Cool New Tools for 2017

Eight noteworthy products from the annual STAFDA show Read more

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How to Deal with Pay-When-Paid Provisions

They are the bane of all subcontractors and suppliers—those... Read more

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Getting Paid for Preconstruction Advice

Use a "professional services agreement" to get compensated for... Read more

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Getting Paid for Your Time

If you and your project manager spend 13 hours preparing an estimate for... Read more

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Legal Adviser: Making Sure You Get Paid

Making sure you get paid Read more

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