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A Little Heat

Harris Hyman weighs in on heating system options. Read more

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Son of Ultrathin Slabs

Since Harris’s last report on these innovative slabs in July of ‘85, several have been put to the test, and so far look pretty good... Read more

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A Tale of Two Contractors

Harris Hyman looks at the challenges encountered when homeowners take on the role of contractor. Read more

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Backfill: The Funny Papers

Harris Hyman takes a look at builder and architect relationships Read more

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Tuning Up New Heating Systems

By Harris Hyman. If you think that a new, engineered heating system is going to work flawlessly from the day it's installed, you're in for a surprise—and a callback. Read more

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The Art & Science of Stair Design

A successful set of stairs is so comfortable you don't notice it, says engineer Harris Hyman. And here's how… Read more

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Bracing Walls: What Works Best?

Looking into T-strapping, plywood corners, and old-fashioned let-in scrapping to keep your buildings from racking. Read more

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Focus on Energy: Comparing Energy Costs

How can you compare fuel costs? Use this chart. Read more

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Practical Engineering: Resisting the Wind

Out in the rural areas and suburban fringes, there's a great way to get a little extra money to pay off the mortgage: build a two-car garage with an apartment over it. But while it looks like a... Read more

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Practical Engineering: Shake Rattle & Roll: Vibrations in Long Spans

Vibration in long floor spans Read more

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Practical Engineering: A Porch Roof Diaphragm

A porch roof diaphragm for lateral loads Read more

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Practical Engineering: Retrofitting a Patio Door

Retrofitting a patio door Read more

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