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Air Conditioning for Humid Climates

Air-sealing, right-sizing, and smart controls are the keys Read more

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Cure for Failing Siding

I’ve been a siding installer since the 1970s and have had my own... Read more

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Does 'Maximize Profit' Trump All Other Choices?

Amid pressures to deliver homes by year-end, consider some decisions... Read more

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Readers Respond: Election 2016

We asked. You answered. Read more

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From What We Gather: In the News, January 9-13, 2017

On JLC's news radar this week: NAHB sues OSHA over record-keeping rule,... Read more

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Circular Reasoning

One on one with Cradle-to-Cradle crusader, Bill McDonough, on why... Read more

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From What We Gather: March 13 - 17, 2017

On JLC's news radar this week: Congressmen push for tall wood... Read more

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Pitfalls of a Down Economy

My husband, my brother-in-law, and I were sitting around reminiscing about construction slowdowns we've been through. (What can I say? We're old.) My brother-in-law talked about the '70s, when to... Read more

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Lennar Makes a Big Land Play in Florida

It's not clear how long Florida may take to come back from the depths of the housing market crash the state has experienced. If recovery does come soon, however, one builder who will be well... Read more

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Savannah, Georgia, Economy Shows Increasing Strength

Georgia’s chief coastal metropolitan area shows continued signs of economic resurgence, according to a university report. Read more

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Florida Economy: A Gloomy Report

Economists from McGraw-Hill have released an economic forecast for... Read more

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Coastal States Ponder Stimulus Cash~

Money from the 2009 Recovery Act has started to flow at the state and local level. While the broad purpose is clear — create or save jobs, and jump-start the economy — the detailed decisions about... Read more

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Coastal Florida Builders Struggle in Flat Market

Coastal Florida Builders Struggle in Flat Market Read more

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Most Hurricane Sandy Aid Remains Unspent

Only a quarter of the federal aid allocation for New Jersey for... Read more

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From Boston to Los Angeles, Teardowns Spark Controversy

You can make big money tearing down small houses. But it might not make everyone happy. Read more

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