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Sizing Deck Piers

Simple pier-and-grade-beam foundations can support decks, porches, pole... Read more

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Pier-and-Beam Foundations

For problem soils, there’s no better foundation type, but you better get... Read more

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Island Custom Home: Air Barrier for a Floor Transition

Mark Pollard works on floor system air barrier details for a house with... Read more

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From What We Gather: July 3 - 7, 2017

On JLC's radar this week: Secrets of ancient concrete; misapplied LVL blamed in deck failure; hurricane season forecasts heat up Read more

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Helical Pier Foundations for Problem Sites

Where space is tight or soils are unstable, building on helical piers... Read more

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Q&A: Adding Loads to Basement Piers

Q: A client wants me to add a second story addition on a small Cape. The add-on would necessitate bringing new floor and roof loads onto existing steel columns in the basement that heretofore have... Read more

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A Pier-and-Beam Foundation For a Coastal Site

Where unstable soil and periodic tidal flooding are a concern, helical... Read more

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A New Angle on Insulating Concrete Forms

A crew of skilled carpenters turn concrete mason to carve out a custom... Read more

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Sizing Deck Footings

Assuming a minimum soil bearing capacity of 1,500 psf, 8-inch-diameter... Read more

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Island Parallelogram House: Completing the Basement

Foundation insulation, basement slab, waterproofing, and backfill get... Read more

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Detailing a Sub-Slab Vapor Barrier

Have you heard the phrase “What you can’t see matters?” There are... Read more

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King Tides Flood the Shoreline

High tides this fall are a warning about future sea levels, experts say. Read more

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A Shotcrete Retaining Wall

Shoring up an unstable slope, with minimal formwork Read more

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Hurricane Matthew: Florida Dodges a Bullet

Hurricane Andrew's near-miss left Florida with damage. But things could... Read more

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Building a Deck on Grade

Helical piers and a trenched beam provide solid support for a curved... Read more

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