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Drying Wet Framing

In tight houses, make sure the frame is dry before closing up the walls Read more

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Controlling the Moisture Content of Wood Flooring

Q: What's the proper procedure for acclimating wood flooring to the moisture content of a building before installation? Read more

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For What It's Worth

Thermostatic crawlspace vent, new fiberglass-mat roofing paper, fold-up hearing protectors Read more

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Book: Understanding Wood

This Taunton Press book is an invaluable reference packed with... Read more

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Installing Hardwood Flooring over Vinyl

Hardwood flooring can be installed over existing sheet vinyl if key conditions are met Read more

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Painting Q&A

There's more to a lasting paint job than choosing a color. Two experts... Read more

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Fixing Cracks in Engineered Flooring

Q: Last spring, I installed floating engineered flooring over the original vinyl-covered concrete-slab floor of an old New York City apartment. Even though I followed the manufacturer's... Read more

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Installing Hardwood Strip Flooring

A flooring expert provides tips and tricks for installing perfect... Read more

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Sanitizing and Drying Out

After removing the water and wet building materials from a flooded structure, the next crucial step is to clean and sanitize the building as needed and to thoroughly dry both living and storage... Read more

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Installing Ipe Decking - Latent Cooling Loads Read more

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Installing Prefinished Strip Flooring

Skip the sanding but take more time for a careful install Read more

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Getting Certified for Home Energy Audits

As the owner of a small remodeling and handyman company (nearly $1... Read more

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After the Boulder Flood

When the flooding stops, the cleanup begins. Read more

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