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Pre-Drywall Moisture Meter Check

Knowing the moisture content of your framing might wreak havoc on your... Read more

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Insulating a Sunroom Floor

An insulated floor can make that sunroom more livable. Read more

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Modified vs. Unmodified Thinset

Q: What is the difference between modified and unmodified thinset, and... Read more

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Q&A: EPDM Roofing Bubbles

Q: After installing an EPDM roof, I noticed that there are a few air bubbles under the roofing. Is this a problem? If so, is there any remedy? Read more

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Q&A: GFCI Protection for Shower Lighting

Q: In a bathroom remodel, we plan to install a light fixture in a shower stall, with a switch near the shower door. Do the fixture and switch need to be GFCI-protected? Read more

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Q&A: Must Firewall Start in Crawlspace?

Q: In a wood-framed townhouse with a crawlspace, does the separating... Read more

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Cutting Metal Roofing

What tool works best? Read more

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Q&A: Long-Span Floor Joists

Q. Would floor trusses or wood I-joists be stronger over a 26-foot span? Read more

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Q&A: Pressure-Treated Lumber and Steel Roofing

Q: I am considering installing steel roofing over 2x4 pressure-treated... Read more

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Q&A: Silicone Caulk as an Adhesive

Q: Can silicone caulk be used as an exterior glue? How does it compare in strength to Titebond II or a polyurethane glue? Read more

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Q&A: Installing Fiberglass Batts

Q: What happens to the R-value when you stuff R-19 insulation into a 2x4 stud cavity? Read more

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Q&A: Sealing Exterior Wood Before Painting

Q: How much benefit is there to applying a water sealer and wood preservative to clapboard siding before priming and painting? Read more

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Q&A: Compressive Strength Of Cellular PVC Trim

Q. Compressive Strength Of Cellular PVC Trim What kind of compressive strength do cellular PVC trim products such as Azek have? Can they be safely sandwiched between a supporting column and a... Read more

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Q&A: Fall Protection Criteria

Q: Your May 2001 article "Fall Protection Update" says that OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926 requires fall protection for anyone working above 6 feet. Here in Washington state, I understand that the... Read more

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Q&A: Drooling Drip-Edge

Q. Most of the houses we build have 12/12 roofs with plumb fascias. Even... Read more

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