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New Orleans Neighborhood Fights FEMA Flood Designation

FEMA’s evolving flood-zone maps face challenges everywhere they go — even in New... More

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Made in Louisiana, Windmill Towers are Rhode Island-Bound

Oil-rig experts from Houma, Louisiana, are building the 110-foot-deep ocean... More

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Years After Gulf Spill, BP Still Bagging Oil-Soaked Sand — And Launching a PR Offensive

Louisiana beaches are not yet free of the tarry residue created by the Deepwater... More

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Louisiana Town Considers Vinyl Siding Ban in Historic District

Gretna, Louisiana, is considering whether vinyl siding should be banned in the town’s historic district. More

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Money Unspent, Louisiana House-Lifting Program May Terminate

Federal authorities are telling Louisiana parishes to hurry up and lift those... More

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For Sale: A $100 Lot in New Orleans

Got a hundred dollars? You can buy a building lot in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. But there are a few strings attached. More

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Congress Rolls Back Flood Insurance Hikes

President Obama has signed a measure that reins in steep hikes in flood insurance under the federally-backed National Flood Insurance Program. More

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Raise, Don't Raze, the House

As work heats up along U.S. coastlines to meet new flood elevations,contractors are jumping in to get new work elevating houses. Reports of dropped houses abound, but one Long Island builder has figured out how to do it right. More

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Special Glass-Infused Wood Product Found Rotting

The Make it Right Foundation is rebuilding rotting stairs and decks on about 30 of... More

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Contractor Facing Jail Time For Katrina Ripoff

An unlicensed contractor could get years in jail after a jury convicted him of swindling elderly homeowners in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. More

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