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Massachusetts Shore Towns Wrangle with FEMA over Flood Zones

A coalition of coastal towns south of Boston, Mass., is getting mixed results in... More

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Deep Rafters for a Massachusetts Passive House

The massive ridge beam and deep I-joist rafters in this custom Passive House aren’... More

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Moving a Lighthouse? No Big Deal

Moving a lighthouse a few hundred feet is all in a day’s work for house mover... More

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Insulated Footings for a Massachusetts Passive House

A Massachusetts builder starts a custom Passive House in suburban Boston with... More

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For New England Contractors, Spring Promises a Crush of Repair Jobs

This year’s severe winter has done extensive damage to homes on the New England... More

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Retrofitting New Windows In An Older House - Part 2

In Part 2 of this slideshow series, Manny Silva installs the window in the opening... More

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Minnesota Crews Travel to Boston to Deal With Ice Dams

The Boston area is facing a once-in-a-century snow event — and there’s money to be made for crews with the right equipment and skills. More

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Retrofitting New Windows In An Older House – Part 1

Replacing windows with new units in winter requires super-efficiency to limit the... More

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From Boston to Los Angeles, Teardowns Spark Controversy

You can make big money tearing down small houses. But it might not make everyone happy. More

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Ice Dams and Roof Collapses Plague Wintry New England

Record-setting snowfall is wreaking havoc on roofs in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. More

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