New Jersey

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Making a Large Opening in a Narrow House

Builder Rob Corbo tackles a project requiring a two-story masonry opening to help... More

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Are Deck Collapses a Thing of the Past in New Jersey?

Better codes have addressed the problem of unsafe decks, according to one press... More

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New Jersey Sandy Aid Shows Up Inland, Away from Storm Zone

Two years after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey shore, recovery policies are... More

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Jersey Flood Zone Rule Change Ruffles Feathers

State officials say their rewrite of flood zone rules makes life easier, but critics see a conflict with federal regulations. More

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Trench Collapse Kills New Jersey Worker

A worker installing drain lines in a trench died in May when the earth caved in... More

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FEMA To Ask Homeowners if they Want to Re-Open Sandy Flood Claims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, taking ownership of widespread claims... More

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Neglected Repair Job Leads to Rot in New Jersey Rebuilding Program

A contractor hired by the state to repair a flooded New Jersey house didn't... More

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Lights Out, Nobody Home: in Atlantic City, it's Hard to Get Started

Florida developer Glenn Straub is betting he can make a go of Atlantic City’s... More

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Fire Protection for Light-Wood Framing

In the wake of the AvalonBay apartment fire in Edgewater, NJ, the wood industry... More

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Texas Trial Lawyer Mostyn Changing the Game in Sandy Insurance Battle

An engineering firm is raided by prosecutors, an insurance company offers a full... More

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