South Carolina

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South Carolina Comes to Grips with Flood Damage

In the aftermath of a thousand-year flood, South Carolina faces a long road back. More

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Hurricane Season-Opener Tropical Storm Erodes Carolina Beaches

The 2015 hurricane season is forecast to be a weak one — but it has already seen... More

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Fighting the Encroaching Sea on the South Carolina Shore

South Carolina eases off slightly on its strict prohibition against armoring the shoreline. More

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Sealing a South Carolina Crawlspace

Coastal Connection visits the job site with specialty contractor Energy One... More

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South Carolina Reduces Fine in Illegal Seawall Case

A South Carolina state board has reduced the fine on a condo association that built an illegal, unreported seawall to defend its building from encroaching surf. More

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History Meets the Future as Charleston Tussles Over Architectural Vision

Clemson University has withdrawn its plans for a modernist building in historic Charleston, South Carolina. More

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Erosion Protection Stirs Controversy (and a Possible Solution) on a South Carolina Beach

The ocean is threatening beachfront property on the Isle of Palms near Charleston, South Carolina. But there’s disagreement about what to do. More

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Charleston, S.C., Building Market Grows 6 Percent

Charleston-area home sales hit 10,000 this year, as the metro area’s housing market continues to show growth. More

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Prepping for Outdoor Patio Tile Installation

Detail the substrate properly for a long-lasting floor. More

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Homeowner Associations Bother Some South Carolina Owners

South Carolina’s thousands of homeowner associations should be reined in, some homeowners and legislators are saying. More

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