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Texas Builders Facing Labor Shortage

Builders are saying it's hard to find help in Houston. More

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Building an Efficient House in a Hot Climate

The Texas sun is blazing where I build in Austin. Here are four tips for building... More

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Flood Cleanup – 3 Steps

If you get flooded out, just remember the three D's of flood cleanup. Matt... More

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Texas Coast Lawmakers Urge Windstorm Insurance Reform

Legislators from Texas coastal counties are taking another stab at reforming their state’s insurance programs to create security for hurricane-zone homeowners. More

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Wood Shingle Roof

Matt Risinger jumps at the chance to do a wood roof the right way. More

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Texas Trial Lawyer Mostyn Changing the Game in Sandy Insurance Battle

An engineering firm is raided by prosecutors, an insurance company offers a full... More

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Earthquakes in Texas? It Could Happen

Dallas, Texas, got a little shaky last month. But don’t expect seismic codes there any time soon. More

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Zip Wall Tips & Advice

Matt Risinger explains how he modified a Zip Wall installation for added durability. More

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Conditioning Homes

A recipe for eliminating interior callbacks More

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Rookie Builder Mistakes - Part 1 - Electrical

Have you ever lost a project because you were too "expensive"? Aren’t the plans... More

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