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Drone Building Inspections

The future is now: Inspectors turn to small, flying robots to scope out buildings. More

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JLC April Letters

Joists in an old floor, repairing a concrete slab in an old floor, and more. More

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Cold Snap Brings A Rash Of Fire Sprinkler Freezes And Breaks

December’s hard freeze wreaked havoc with fire sprinkler pipes in parts of the United States. More

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Framing a Rake Wall

Washington-state framer, Tim Uhler, has a sound philosophy about his work: Do as little framing as possible off ladders and as much as you can while the wall is on the deck. More

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Seattle Cop Becomes Drywaller For Undercover Labor Bust

An undercover operation has resulted in charges against a Washington State drywall contractor for underpaying and threatening workers. More

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More Wall Bracing Options Using OSB

The Engineered Wood Association has been working to broaden the choices for using... More

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Stabilizing a Brick Exterior

Unstable brick is tied to the floor framing with standard hold downs, threaded rod... More

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Reinvent the Toilet Fair - High Tech Sanitation for the Future

Bill Gates hosted the Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Seattle where 8 prototypes of a... More

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Restoring a Milk Bottle-Shaped Restaurant

A Spokane builder repairs a fire-damaged historic structure. More

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Open-Joint Siding

In the Seattle area, where I work, we get a lot of rain. From the mid-90s to the... More

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