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    Air Leaks: Hidden Moisture Movers

    Along the coast where wind-blown rain is a regular weather feature, it's no surprise to builders that the exterior of a home must be carefully detailed to manage water. Properly installed housewrap and flashing are the key elements of an effective water-resistive barrier. But rainwater is not the...

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    Backdoor: Houses That Swim

    Houses That Swim

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    Breakline: Extreme Green

    Extreme Green

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    Design: Making Gambrels Work

    Making Gambrels Work

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    Crawlspace Mold ~ Drainage vs. Drying

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    Metal Connector Nailers

    As building codes address wind-zone construction with extra vigor, more metal hardware is being required to tie buildings together than ever before. Framing anchors, ties, hold-downs, braces, tie-downs, hangers, connectors, straps - every year more steel is needed to build and remodel houses. And...

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    All-Season Doors ~ Tough Exposure ~ New Lows for Low-E ~ Timber Tamers ~ Safe Step ~ Engineered Conservatories ~Dry Gear ~ Anchor Bolt Holders ~ Taking a Stand

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    Solving the Uplift Puzzle

    Where the codes once concentrated mostly on verifying that buildings could handle gravity loads, now coastal homes must also resolve the complicated load effects associated with high winds: uplift, shear (or "racking"), sliding, and overturning. Ted Cushman takes a closer look at one kind of...