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    Backdoor: Building in the Danger Zone

    Building in the Danger Zone

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    Best-Practice Wall Shingles

    A rain screen offers the ultimate defense against water intrusion, provided you get the details right. That's easy enough to do with lap siding but considerably more complex with shingles. Custom home builder and remodeler Mike Guertin, who is accustomed to wind-swept rains in his area of the Ocean...

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    Breakline: When a Tree Falls

    When a Tree Falls - Premium Prices - Currents

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    Water Woes - Foundation Resource - Durable Decks?

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    Muddy Waters

    Few dispute that construction-site erosion poses a significant problem. Muddy roads and cloudy streams tied to a decade-long nationwide building boom have left many residents eager for a clampdown, especially in coastal areas, where water quality is a crucial issue. For contractors, the upshot is...

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    Structural Screws - Stainless Steel Air Nails - Dry Ply - Humidity Control - Termite-Tough Insulation - Trus Joist Shear Panels - Sliding-Glass Security - Rubber Soil - Soft, Hard Flooring - Metal Munchers - Impact-Resistant Skylights

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    Interview: Restoring Trust

    The projects that D.P. Thomas Construction complete each year on or near the water around Wrightsville Beach, N.C., range in cost from $150K to well past the million-dollar mark. What owner Dave Thomas started as a small remodeling firm in the 1970s has grown to become a local authority on the...

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    The Causes of Condensation