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    Blown Away

    Because of the hurricane risk, many coastal states already have tough wind-resistant construction standards, and the rest are moving in that direction. But can structures built to withstand hurricanes offer any protection from tornadoes? The answer, reports contributing editor Ted Cushman, is yes …...

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    Breakline: Risky Business

    Risky Business ~ The End of an Era

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    Driving Down Risk

    When a 1,500-pound drop hammer is falling from 10 to 15 feet, hitting the butt of a 25-foot timber pile a few hundred times, and you have 70 or 80 piles to do, the neighbors tend to get up in arms no matter how charmingly you may have introduced yourself, notes contractor Eric Borden. His company...

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    Rain-Screen Query ~ Heads Up on Soffits

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    Weatherproof Moldings ~ Lighter Fiber Cement ~ Impervious Siding ~

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    Replacing Windows in Brick-Veneer Homes

    Tall-Wall Studs ~ Breathable Roofs~ Paperless Drywall ~ Screws for Composite Decking

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    Soundings: Potable Water for Secluded Sites

    Potable Water for Secluded Sites