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  • A Tale of Two Contractors

    Harris Hyman looks at the challenges encountered when homeowners take on the role of contractor.

  • Bathroom Lighting

    The problem with bathroom lighting, Patrick J. Galvin explains, is that it's usually overlooked in the planning and design phase. Here, Galvin offers some strategies and tips for lighting the bath.

  • Can't Collect? Lien On 'Em

    The bane of many a builder or remodeler is collecting payment. Kathleen Aharoni discusses how to file a mechanic's lien versus a foreclosure suit, and what to watch out for.

  • Feds To Sell FHA?

    Harlow Unger looks at the Reagan administration's move to sell the FHA and its chances for success.

  • Managing the Family Owned Business

    Patrick J. Galvin outlines several pitfalls to avoid when managing and marketing the family-owned construction business.

  • Roof Pitch and Building Form, Part II

    Gordon Tully continues his overview of roof designs, illustrating alternatives to the typical gable roof.

  • Running a Business from the Customer's Point of View

    Changing the way you think of and communicate with clients can result in a great reputation and greater referrals, reports Jon Hardie.

  • Some Little Known Tools of the Trade

    There are some truly innovative and helpful gadgets out there to make our jo bs easier, and Jon Eakes shares the ones he's found work well.

  • The Insurance Crunch: Paying More and Getting Less

    William S. McIntyre explains why insurance costs keep going up, from worker's comp to builder's risk.

  • You and Your Accountant

    Bradford W. Ketchum, Jr. describes how builders can evaluate and improve their rapport with accounting professionals.




  • On The House

    Flue Insulation, Fireplace Safety, Instantaneous Water Heaters, Basement Drainage