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  • A Little Heat

    Harris Hyman weighs in on heating system options.

  • Fresh Air, No Drafts

    How to build an energy-efficient house with electric baseboard heating and preserve indoor air quality? Jon Eakes and his crew came up with a solution to the ventilation problem.

  • Radiant Heat

    Paul Hanke delves into radiant slab, Trombe walls, and other innovative radiant heating systems, and shows how careful planning and use of modern materials can overcome the typical drawbacks.

  • Roof Pitch and Building Form, Part I

    Gordon F. Tully walks through roof designs and describes the variations on the simple gable roof set over a rectangular box.

  • The Swedish Solution

    Housing consultant Richard Karg takes a close look at the latest in ventilation technology: the Swedish exhaust-air heat pump. How does this system work, what are the pros and cons, and how much will it cost?

  • Wood: Cabinet Choice of the '80s?

    There is a proliferation of choices in building materials today. Patrick J. Galvin looks at what cabinet manufacturers are offering and what builders are buying.