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  • Computers: What Good Are They Anyway?

    How to decide whether computers are the best thing for your company since Sheetrock—or the business equivalent of “breaking your leg.”

  • Energy Design and PCs

    Back-of-the-envelope arithmetic vs. high-tech calculations to six decimal places. Which does the builder really need?

  • Learning Computers the Hard Way

    Interview with Ward Smyth. Lessons learned while building a successful, computerized contracting business—starting out in 1979 with a $50,000 electronic white elephant…

  • Low-Cost CAD

    Drawing by computer is easy and efficient with the right program features. Five systems are reviewed ranging in cost from $80 to $800.

  • Megabytes to Motherboards: A Friendly Guide to Computer Hardware

    How to select an economical, flexible system that will meet your needs and grow with your company.

  • Picking the Right Software

    Shopping tips for the most critical computer purchase you’ll make. Plus, in-depth reviews of 10 moderately priced construction software packages: Estimators, Schedulers, Accounting